Three Cheers for Cheerwine Cake!

UPDATE: We had the cake last night. Was it absolutely fantastic?

Oh yeah. It really, really was. So rich. Like, extremely rich. Next time, I think I will do Vanilla Extract instead of Almond, though.


Do you like Cheerwine? {Note: it has nothing to do with alcohol; we don't drink alcohol in our family} If you like Cheerwine, you'll be interested to know that there is a Cheerwine cake. Don't worry about Googling {or swagbuck'ing - as I tend to do} the recipe - I have it right here for you!

You'll need:
1 box devil's food cake
1 cup Cheerwine soft drink
1 tsp. almond extract

Mix as directed on box {with eggs and oil} but use Cheerwine instead of water. Add almond extract. Bake as directed on box.

And don't forget to grease your pan. {Like someone I know did...}

There's also a Cheerwine frosting recipe, which I made and did not like, so instead I used good old Betty Crocker icing.

Let's just take a break to note this: I hate baking cakes. I love cupcakes. I hate cakes. I hate even more putting frosting on cakes. Perhaps I just need to do it more so I'll like it more... ahh, well... anyway...

This is my first time ever actually "decorating" a cake.

Can you tell?

We haven't eaten it yet! I'll tell you how it turns out.


Kelly said...

It really looks good...even if it was your first time :) I've never had cheerwine. I love that you clarify that it's non alcoholic :) We don't drink in our family either. Anyway, I also love the color of your wall...perfect background for all the pictures!

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