Tacer Salad

So last night I felt like cooking, but I didn't feel like cleaning up a huge mess. And honestly that usually goes hand in hand with me, because I'm a dunce when it comes to cooking. However, I was actually able to throw something together without upsetting my {newly floored} kitchen all too much! I threw together a simple, tasty taco {or, tacer if your from these parts... yes, we have heard that here!} salad!

Here's what I used:
1 lb Ground Turkey {you can use ground beef if you want. we like turkey because it is lean and tasty!}
1 can rotel
1 can sweet yellow corn
a squirt (seriously) of ranch dressing
a handful of grated cheddar cheese
a sprinkling of homemade taco seasoning {I don't know what's in it! Hubby made it}
tortilla chips {we used the remnants of three bags}

I would have loved to throw some black beans in there, but we didn't have anything like that. Maybe you could add some if you would like to try it? We just had:

{it still tasted fine}

Anyway. Here's what you do.

First things first, heat your oven to 350.

Brown your {turkey/beef} meat and sprinkle that taco seasoning on top. Turkey meat cooks out all the grease so you don't have to drain it. Put that in a bowl.

Drain your rotel and corn. Put that in the bowl with the taco meat and mix it all up.

Take your chips, crush them, and put them in a different bowl. Or the same bowl. You know, whatever.

Put the meat mix in with the chips and mix that up. Throw in some cheese if you feel like it, and squirt a bit of ranch dressing on there. Then you pull out your 9x13 pan {mine is glass} and spread it all out in there. Sprinkle more cheese on top. Stick it in the oven. Pull it out once the cheese is all melted!

And there you go!


Oh, and just so you know, it doesn't taste as good left over, so if you're not going to eat it all... don't make as much! ha!



Kelly said...

Sounds super yummy and easy!!

Stacia said...

Sounds great! We love anything mexican at our house. I like to read Pioneer Woman and Tammys Recipes...

Kristen said...

Looking those up right now, Stacia! Thanks!

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