Mexican Fiesta Soup!

Despite the fact that I am an absolute terror in the kitchen, I have really felt the desire to cook lately. Usually hubby is the cook in our family, which is wonderful because he enjoys it and usually I don't. However, last night I asked if I could make the spaghetti and today I took it upon myself to cook the mexican fiesta soup that we will be having at our Lost party! I wanted to go ahead and share the recipe with you because it is so easy and so inexpensive and SO yummy!

This is what you'll need:

Your crock pot!

One can each of the following:
Pinto Beans
Black Beans
White Corn
Golden Corn

Sour cream (optional)
Cheese (optional)
And 1lb of ground beef, though we used ground turkey this time (for the first time)

Start off by browning your turkey or beef, whichever you prefer, in a pan. Make sure it's good and brown. I added a little bit of homemade taco seasoning just for a bit of taste, but you can leave that out. After all that is done, drain it, and open up your cans and dump it all in your crock pot. You can leave out the fifteen to thirty minutes I spent wrestling with two can openers, dumping corn juice on the floor, splashing myself with the juice... ahem... like I said, I am a total wreck in the kitchen.

Let it heat up for a while in your crock pot. We like to serve ours on top of Fritos. I put cheese on mine and Hubby puts cheese and sour cream.

Voila! Enjoy! And let me know what you think if you decide to try it out!


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